Update Jan 21, 2023.

The documentation has moved, please refer https://github.com/Unirep/Unirep/tree/main/packages/docs for latest update. https://developer.unirep.io/docs/welcome

description: What is UniRep?

👏 Welcome


UniRep (Universal Reputation) is a private and non-repudiable reputation system. Users can

  1. Receive positive and negative reputation from attesters.

  2. Voluntarily prove that they have at least certain amount of reputation without revealing the exact amount.

  3. Moreover, users cannot refuse to receive reputation from an attester.

The high-level goal for UniRep is to be a base layer on top of which anyone can easily build custom, yet interoperable, reputation systems, For instance, users could create combined zero-knowledge proofs of reputation across different social media platforms, consumer apps, or financial applications, in order to provide holistic, private, and trustworthy information about themselves to others.

UniRep is originally proposed by BarryWhiteHat in this ethresear.ch post

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